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Integrating its growing range of products into engineered-to-order (ETO) solutions is increasingly a way of life at Weir Minerals. The current launch of its dredge-mounted Multiflo® Mudflo™ pump shows how effective this method can be, and the way a lot it could possibly contribute to customers’ bottom lines.
Media launch – 01-08-2022


Integrated solutions are what separates tools suppliers from answer suppliers, argues Marnus Koorts, basic manager pump products at Weir Minerals Africa – and the recently launched Multiflo® Mudflo™ pump shows how that is accomplished.
This dredge/excavator-mounted, mud-pumping innovation was launched last yr, after being developed in response to a problem which a customer faced, says Koorts. It is a heavy duty hydraulic submersible slurry pump designed for abrasive applications and large particle dealing with. Its software is primarily in reprocessing and relocating tailings ponds, sustaining water retention dams and managing slimes and sludge ponds.
“The Multiflo Mudflo pump efficiently combines components of the Warman MGS submersible slurry pump-end, and a customized Multiflo designed bearing assembly coupled to a hydraulic motor,” he says. “Another key ingredient is the pairing of dual Multiflo CB33 hydraulic cutters with Weir ESCO excavation tooth.”

The cutters mechanically agitate the settled solids, allowing abrasive and extremely charged slurries and dirt to be efficiently pumped. He emphasises that the components making up the Multiflo® Mudflo™ pump are drawn from Weir Minerals confirmed brands, and are fastidiously mixed to produce an built-in answer that saves prospects money and time. It also reduces environmental influence, by avoiding the costly and energy-intensive process excavating and trucking the material off web site.
“The pump design contains Weir Minerals’ Ultrachrome A05 chrome alloy casting for high wear resistance,” he says. “There can additionally be a suction strainer to stop excessively massive particles clogging the pump.”

This ensures that the unit delivers optimal uptime alongside excessive efficiency levels: the Mudflo™ 200 pump is capable of pumping between 150 m3/h and 1,200 m3/h, up to a head of 82 metres. The pump can handle a most particle measurement of eighty mm, and a maximum liquid temperature of 35°C.
“While our integration of products has grown organically over time, it has turn into more systematic and deliberate as our product vary has grown and turn out to be more numerous,” says Koorts. “The means we’ve developed this resolution exhibits the progress in recent years toward integrating our product traces to add value to our offerings.”

He notes that the method of ETO ensures that solutions developed by Weir Minerals’ engineering groups deliver extra value than the sum of their part parts. In this case, the company’s dewatering specialists had been ready to attract on the best know-how from Weir Minerals’ Multiflo®, Warman® and Weir ESCO® brands – combining them with superior hydraulics to create an innovative outcome.
“Our in depth footprint within the field and our shut collaboration with clients every day gives us an in depth understanding of their specific requirements,” he says. “We can subsequently be certain that our improvements are match for objective, being based on our appreciable ETO capability and technical excellence.”


PIC 01 : Marnus Koorts, common manager pump products at Weir Minerals Africa.
เกจวัดแรงดัน : The Multiflo Mudflo TM pump and dredge unit.
PIC 03 : The Multiflo Mudflo pump has been engineered for abrasive functions.




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